Saturday, 28 Nov 2020

King Charles: Prince of Wales’ succession can’t be ‘trampled’ as heir ‘not stepping aside’

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The Prince of Wales is first in line to the throne followed by Prince William and his son Prince George. Royal author Lady Colin Campbell spoke about Prince’s Charles’ “right of succession”.

According to Page Six, she said: “Prince Charles’ succession cannot be trampled. No stepping aside.

“Right of succession is automatic, not elective. Prince of Wales is the heir. If he’s dead, it goes to William.”

The royal expert also added how Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has “shown grace under pressure”.

She said Camilla would be the “perfect queen” when Prince Charles becomes king.

Lady Campbell said: “Tactical at the time they married, her title was to be princess consort. She’d be perfect as queen.

“Loyal, loving to him, she wanted the man, not the position. Diana even said she expected Charles to be with Camilla.”

Lady Campbell went on to blast the royal TV series, The Crown, over its portrayal of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship.

She said: “The Crown is rubbish saying on Diana and Charles’ early Australia trip he was furious and jealous of her attention.

“No. She couldn’t handle it. He was concerned she’d throw up.

“Knowing she’s disturbed and had difficulty with the pressure, the queen even asked them to lay off Diana, who was only 21.”

According to the Mail on Sunday, friends of Prince Charles accused the show’s producers of “trolling on a Hollywood budget”.

The fourth series of The Crown was released over the weekend and portrays Prince Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana.

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Lady Campbell accused the show of “projecting the palace as heartless, cruel” and that it “distorts things”.

She added: “Success requires sacrifice. Professionalism is abnegation. Non indulgence.

“Everyone successful learns to keep emotions in check. That’s the duty of the royals.

“And portraying Prince Philip’s philandering aboard royal yacht Britannia. Taking females onto it. Having it off with naked girls.

“Impossible aboard that ship. It’s impenetrable. Security. Watchers. Guys. Photographers. Press. Local officials.

“Philip always watched. Protected. Accompanied. Naval officers. This oceanic bit, beautifully portrayed, is simply unrealistic. People don’t understand how it works with royals.”

Lady Campbell claimed the latest series was full of “false stories”.

She said: “They indicate the official photographer read his private letters.

“That man, now gone, was my great friend. I know that not to be true.

“And Britain’s late reporter Nigel Dempster, furious that he never received a knighthood, also furthered false stories. The palace is surrounded by unscrupulous people.”

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