Tuesday, 15 Jun 2021

Kate Middleton and Prince William powerless to turn tide in Scotland claims furious caller

Kate and William helping Scotland 'a red herring' says caller

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Calum from Galashiels told Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine programme that the idea Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge can smooth over the desire for Scottish independence with their royal engagements in Scotland is a red herring. The furious caller added that the problem was the “House of Westminster not the House of Windsor.”

Calum said: “Jeremy, I think it is a bit of a red herring.

“You need to ask yourself as this is clearly political why Boris Johnson is spending more time in Scotland, I think we know the answer to that one.

“The things we are concerned about in Scotland are Brexit, the fact that we have a Conservative Government, we have not had one of those in Scotland for a long time.

“I have got nothing against Kate and William, I am sure they are very nice people.

“But the idea that they can come up here and open a few hospitals is a red herring.

“The problem is not the House of Windsor, it is the House of Westminster.”

In April, Prince William and Kate were warned that the Royal Family must be reinvented for the UK’s younger generation or “it will die of boredom”.

Royal commentator Antonio Caprarica stated that the memories of the empire the Queen represents have no meaning to young Britons.

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He added that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge risk that the Royal Family will die from boredom rather than scandal due to their “mild” and “good guy” perception.

Mr Caprarica said: “For the new generations, the empire has no meaning.

“Elizabeth is accepted because she is everyone’s grandmother but without her, the same pomp will not be accepted and we will probably go towards a monarchy ‘on a bicycle’ like the Scandinavian ones.

“However, the risk with William and Kate is that the Crown will not die of scandals, but of boredom.


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“They are a fairly mild family, they are very good guys, while the Windsors have always been the object of a spasmodic curiosity for their stories.”

Prince William is second in line to the throne behind his father Prince Charles.

However, a YouGov poll in March 2021, found that Prince William was the most popular choice for the UK’s next head of state.

Despite being first in line to the throne, Prince Charles ranked behind David Attenborough and Boris Johnson in the poll as well as receiving the same level of support as Stephen Frey.

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