Thursday, 1 Jun 2023

Kate Hoey slams US president Joe Biden after brief visit

Baroness Kate Hoey has launched a withering attack on US president Joe Biden following his brief visit to Northern Ireland.

The 80-year-old, who is the 46th incumbent of the top job in the States, held brief talks with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the leaders of Northern Ireland’s five main parties, before delivering a speech to an audience at Ulster University, in Belfast.

He talked about preserving the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and protecting the peace in the UK’s smallest country.

He said: “Those of you who have been to America know there is a large population that is invested in what happens here.

“Supporting the people of Northern Ireland, protecting the peace, preserving the Belfast Good Friday Agreement is a priority for Democrats and Republicans alike in the United States, and that is unusual today because we have been very divided in our parties.”

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Despite months of preparation for Mr Biden’s trip to the Emerald Isle, his stay in Northern Ireland lasted a mere few hours, before he made his way to the Republic for a three-day visit.

And Baroness Hoey was not exactly enamoured with Mr Biden’s brief sojourn to the land of her birth, with the former Labour MP criticising him in her Daily Mail column.

She wrote: “The US leader quit Belfast as soon as he could and jetted to where he really wanted to be: exploring his ancestral roots in the Irish Republic.

“Biden’s 17-hour visit to Northern Ireland – he may have spent half that time asleep – ended at the Ulster University with a carefully crafted speech to ensure the notoriously gaffe-prone premier didn’t make any diplomatic blunders.”

She went on: “The president’s understanding of both the 1998 Agreement and of Rishi Sunak’s Windsor Framework is elementary at best.

“Biden cheerfully told the press he was going to ensure that what he called the ‘Irish accord’ and ‘Windsor Agreement’ remained in place. Needless to say, neither of these things exist.”

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Ms Hoey, born on a farm in Mallusk, just outside the capital in County Antrim, in 1946, also wondered why Mr Biden had spent time meeting unionists, claiming he “will never be their friend”.

“I and other loyal British citizens could not bring ourselves to cheer Biden this week,” she admitted. “He is an ardent republican and little time needs to be spent in research to find a litany of his offensive remarks to the unionist community.”

She concluded: “Interest from any well-informed and non-partisan world leader in the peace and prosperity of ‘our wee country’ is always welcome.

“But the anti-British and ardently republican Biden is not such a person. It’s just as well he didn’t stay long.”

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