Thursday, 2 Feb 2023

Kate and William risk losing face with public after Harry book

Prince William should ‘make a statement’ on Harry say Bower

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Prince William and Kate’s public approval ratings have taken a hit after Prince Harry’s criticism of them in his recent book.

The Prince of Wales has seen his popularity drop eight percentage points while the Princess of Wales’ has slid by seven points.

Harry’s own popularity has taken a dip, dropping a further deven points, Ipsos Mori found.

Meghan Markle meanwhile has seen her approval rating slump another five points as the royal feud continues to test the British public’s patience.

Despite the damage done to the polling of individual family members, the Royal Family as a whole seems to be weathering the PR storm.

Ipsos Mori found that 53 percent of respondents have a favourable view of the royals and 51 percent said the same for King Charles.

William and Kate may have taken a hit, but their approval ratings remain high at 61 percent and 60 percent respectively. The poll also found that almost 70 percent think William will be a good king.

Harry’s favourability is comparatively low at 23 percent, while his unfavourability stands at 53 percent.

In the US, Kate is most popular on 47 percent, followed by Harry on 40 percent, William on 40 percent, and Meghan on 35 percent.

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