Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020

‘Just answer question!’ Sky host erupts at Matt Hancock over teachers ‘spreading’ COVID-19

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Mr Paterson demanded an answer from the Health Secretary on the issue after the Conservative MP failed to answer the question directly. Mr Hancock stated that there is a detailed plan surrounding how to limit the spread of coronavirus through the education system. 

Mr Paterson said: “That is great Mr Hancock but can you just answer the question about supply teachers?

“What protections are we putting in place to ensure that someone who is teaching at multiple schools in the one week can themselves not be spreading COVID through the education system in one particular area?”

Mr Hancock replied: “The reason I was being complimentary is because of the incredible detail that are in these plans and the amount of work people have had to do over the summer.

“The reason that they are detailed and important is to try to absolutely minimise any spread between teachers and pupils.

“That applies to any type of teacher.”

More to follow…

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