Friday, 8 Dec 2023

Jamie Oliver blows fans’ minds with ‘best ever’ omelette recipe which fans adore

Jamie Oliver has blessed the internet by teaching us all how to make the “perfect” omelette and the comments are fully in his support, with one saying: “It was the best omelette I’ve ever eaten”.

The magic formula is one which has surprised many because of its perceived simplicity – but attention to detail is key.

Clasping his hands while wearing a stunning pink jumper, the video begins with the popular chef telling us that “omelettes are fantastic: they’re cheap, they’re flexible and you can use all sorts of different things” – then it starts to get serious.

Jamie stops smiling and sincerely tells us how “I think omelettes are the kind of thing that don’t get the credit they’re due actually.”

When cracking the eggs into a bowl, he helpfully tells viewers how to remove any bits of egg shell which have inadvertently dropped into the mixture: “Use the half the [cracked] shell to get the shell out… if you try with your fingers you’ll be going like this all night [does a weird dance] and it won’t work”.

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Nevertheless, he makes it clear from the start that he isn’t going to load the dish with milk and cream – Gordon Ramsay’s secret ingredients for just about everything – and instead chucks the scrambled eggs in with some olive oil and butter.

Next comes some groundbreaking advice: “If you get the first omelette wrong, then learn from it, try it again and just get it perfect”.

Mr Oliver advises using a medium heat, saying if you cook eggs too hard and fast you get a “horrible crispiness to it”.

Next he says to scrape the inside into the middle using a fork, then immediately tilt the pan to fill the subsequent gap with more runny egg.

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After about 30 seconds he turns the heat down and grates some cheddar cheese onto the still soft egg – “you want it to be silky and delicious” – then lets it “tick over” for about 40 seconds.

Then he gets the slicer and goes round the edge to dislodge it, before shaking it about, and flapping it over half way – “that is heavenly”.

The video drew praise from his fans, as one said: “Jamie, all of your tips are amazing”, while another said: “This recipe is gold! Very simple and delicious”.

@shalomchild7414 was full of admiration for the TV chef, saying: “Love your passion for food and cooking Jamie”.

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