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Inside Lucy Letby’s very ordinary £200k home – messy bedroom to new owner

Killer nurse Lucy Letby’s devastating murder spree saw her put away for the rest of her life. Never again will she set foot in her home, inside which she mistakenly left a trail of clues that led police to arrest her.

The property, a three-bedroom semi-detached house, is on Westbourne Road, just five minutes from the Countess of Chester Hospital – the site of her sickening crimes.

Letby moved from nursing accommodation on-site at the hospital to the house in April 2016, buying it for just under £179,000.

Following her arrest, she sold the property in 2019 for £201,000 to a man who is reported to have known about the charges against her.

On July 3 2018, Letby was arrested there by police, after they knocked on her front door at 6am. She was suspended from her role on the neonatal ward.

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During her trial at Manchester Crown Court, the jury were shown a number of photographs of her home.

The depraved baby killer began to cry when her untidy bedroom was displayed on a screen in court. Two teddy bears sat on her unmade bed, which was lit up by fairy lights draped around the bed frame.

Her duvet cover was embroidered with the tacky message ‘sweet dreams’ and on the wall were framed cliched pictures, including one which said ‘leave sparkles everywhere you go’, while another had lyrics from the Rihanna song Diamonds.

In a shuddering twist of fate, Letby’s small garden, accessible from the French doors in her kitchen, backed onto Blacon Crematorium, which features a memorial garden for babies.

The sadistic murderer’s home looked, on the surface, to be indistinguishable from anyone else’s. She had a spacious living room and kitchen, and a spare bedroom that appeared inviting with a double bed.

However, when officers dug a little deeper through Letby’s lair they found incriminating evidence which was used against the cold-blooded killer.

In a Morrisons carrier bag in her bedroom, officers discovered 31 handover sheets, a blood gas reading for a child she is alleged to have harmed and a paper towel which had handwritten resuscitation notes.

And on 21 sheets were the names of the babies she was said to have hurt. Letby brazenly denied she had intentionally collected them.

While giving evidence in her defence, she said: “They have no meaning to me at all. I have copious pieces of paper and cards that I have not thrown away my whole life.”

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The jury was told that some of the sheet were recovered from a bin bag in her garage.

As well as the sheets, jurors also read her 2016 diary which was found in a chest of drawers.

On a note taken on April 8, a reference to “twins” was made. April 8 was the date of birth for two twin babies in Letby’s care, and the Crown argued she attempted to murder them. On a note dated April 9, the words “twin resus” was written.

One of the landmark pieces of evidence against Letby was found in her 2016 diary. A green note read: “I don’t deserve to live. I killed them on purpose because I’m not good enough to care for them”.

On the same note, the words “I am a horrible evil person” and “I am evil I did this” were also scrawled.

Notes found on another scrap of paper, in a garage bin bag, had phrases such as “killing me softly”, “broken hearted” and “no-one will ever know what happened or why”.

In a documentary made by Cheshire Constabulary, Detective Inspector Rob Woods said: “The amount of material we found at her home address was, I think, a massive surprise to us when she was first arrested.

“It gave us a really good steer for the second occasion as to what sort of things we were looking for. Something that’s been very useful to the enquiry has been Miss Letby’s diaries. They appeared to be and it became clear later that it was almost a code of coloured asterisks and various other things put in a diary that marked significant events.”

In December 2019 she chose to try and sell her house. She found a buyer willing to pay £201,000 who was aware she was accused of murdering babies.

The wind turbine technician, Dean Porter, that bought the home told the Daily Mail: “I was aware of the previous owner’s background when I bought it. I was told by the estate agent what was going on but obviously I’ve got nothing to do with the previous owner.”

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