Monday, 3 Oct 2022

How to watch Red Arrows today as planes have TWO scheduled displays- including Silverstone

Queen’s Jubilee: Red Arrows appear in flypast

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No landmark UK-based celebration is complete without a Red Arrows display, as the planes proved during the Platinum Jubilee this year. Today they will appear at another British staple event, the Silverstone Grand Prix, as part of a packed schedule. People who want to watch the planes in all their majesty have a few opportunities available this afternoon.

How to watch the Red Arrows displays today

The Red Arrows take part in two official displays that will bring them within range of dozens of locations in a few short hours.

In total, the planes will grace the skies above more than 30 places throughout southern and central England.

People living in the areas can watch in person, and has the troupe’s exact schedule on hand.

The Red Arrows’ first route sees them set off From RAF Brize Norton today at 2.08pm before travelling over the following locations:

Shipton Under Wychwood: 2.10pm

North of Whichford: 2.11pm

North of Brackley: 2.14pm

Silverstone display: 2.15pm

North of Cosgrove: 2.16pm

North Hackleton: 2.44pm

North of Priors Marston: 2.47pm

South of South Newington: 2.49pm

Southeast of Upper Heyford: 2.50pm

Vicinity of Westbury: 2.52pm

Silverstone flypast: 2.53pm

Vicinity of Courteenhall: 2.54pm

Vicinity of Kempston: 2.56pm

Vicinity of Brogborough: 2.58pm

Bletchley Park Flypast: 2.59pm

Southwest of Brill: 3.01pm

RAF Brize Norton: 3.04pm

Once they complete their first display run around 3pm, pilots will rest before lifting off again at 5.42pm from Brize Norton on a route that takes them to Swansea by 6pm.

The later display route includes the following locations and timings:

East of Burford: 5.43pm

Vicinity of Cinderford: 5.49pm

Northwest of Merthyr Tydfil: 5.54pm

Northwest of Cwmcerdinen: 5.58pm

Southeast of Pontardulais: 5.59pm

Swansea display: 6.00pm

Oversea: 6.01pm

West of Pontypridd: 6.30pm

Vicinity of Swindon: 6.40pm

RAF Brize Norton: 6.42pm

The Swansea display is the last of its kind today, but people can still catch the planes as they make their final transit from RAF Brize Norton to Scampton.

The planes will embark on the following route tonight after living off at 8.55pm:

Vicinity of Milton Underwychwood: 8.57pm

Northwest of Flore: 9.02pm

Northeast of Somerby: 9.07pm

Vicinity of North Scarle: 9.11pm

RAF Scampton: 9.13pm

While the Red Arrows will arc over a vast clutch of destinations today, not everyone will get the chance to see them in person.

They can also watch online, as Silverstone is receiving wall-to-wall coverage from several channels due to the Grand Prix.

The Wales airshow at Swansea has a dedicated live stream showing events today, which people can view via YouTube and Facebook.

Bletchley Park, unfortunately, won’t carry the same service for its flyover, and the transit likely won’t either, given it is not an official display.

Where will the Red Arrows appear next?

While the Red Arrows conclude their display schedule this weekend, it marks the start of a busy month for the aeronautic acrobats.

They have another 11 appearances on the cards from July 9 to July 28.

Upcoming Red Arrows performances include:

July 9 to 10: Southport Airshow

July 10 to 17: Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford

July 20: Peterhead – Scottish Week

July 20: RAF Lossiemouth Families Day Display

July 21: RAF Leeming Families Day Display

July 23: The Making Waves Festival 2022, Irvine, Scotland

July 24: Bray Air Display, Ireland

July 28: RAF Marham Families Day Display

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