Monday, 11 Dec 2023

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Monday, July 25

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Share your ideas and people in high places will give you support whenever it is needed. Career matters seem to be improving daily. Your positive frame of mind is just what’s needed to make certain you will make the most of the business and financial opportunities coming your way.


If buying or selling, be sure to push for a better deal especially if you feel you could get one. Someone who has let you down before is unlikely to carry out a promise made even though they will tell you differently. Don’t count on them to keep their word.


Having the chance to travel in connection with your job will bring you more fulfilment than you could ever have imagined. An illuminating conversation will leave you with plenty of food for thought. Are you single? Romance could blossom in a faraway setting.


If you’re giving your home a facelift, landscaping your garden or updating your office, the most interesting results will come from enjoying your creativity and proving to those around you, how versatile you can be. Put your imagination to work and break free from traditional trends.


If you decide to take up an offer to help with a fundraiser for a worthy cause, you will quickly prove yourself to be a conscientious member of the team. It will mean a lot to you to do something positive for those who are less fortunate. Your efforts will be well rewarded.


Sometimes spontaneous moves are necessary. It may be that you will have to think about it later but a situation will arise where if you hesitate, you could lose out. Change might bring some upheaval into your life but things can’t stay the same forever.


Some people wish they could be as creative as you. That’s why although it may look as if they don’t want to listen to your ideas, they are considering them. You will soon see some improvement in your links with a colleague or client who is often antagonistic.


A report published today will seem to be inadequate when it fails to recognise the extent of a community or workplace problem. A topic will crop up in conversation that you feel particularly strongly about. It doesn’t matter how hard others try to change your views, they will not succeed.


Mistakes have been made and until these are rectified, there will always be problems. It would be better to go back to square one rather than trying to salvage things when a job starts going wrong. As frustrating as it might sound, it will be the best solution.


Although you are determined to reach a goal, this isn’t as easy as you had originally expected it to be. You would do far better and get quicker results by accepting any help that is offered. It doesn’t make sense to continue alone if you are struggling.


If you’re feeling frustrated with workplace arrangements, set up a meeting and discuss what can be done about it. You won’t be the only person feeling this way. Despite your good intentions, you may not get through all you had wanted to do today.


You’re overly aware of other people’s feelings and sensitive to those who are depressed. Spending too long in their company could make you feel miserable too. Be sure to spend some time with positive people. A sense of fulfilment will come through helping a workmate solve an awkward dilemma.

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