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Hiker who fell off cliff saved after boss calls him to ask why he is late

A hiker who had fallen off a cliff was miraculously rescued after his boss called him to find out why he was late for work.

The unnamed hiker, 22, fell roughly 40 metres in the French Pyrenees and was left unsconscious following the accident.

Thankfully, a call from his boss, who was wondering where he was, woke him up and eventually led to his rescue.

The Belgian hiker’s climb near Campan in the south-west of France led to a frightful experience while scaling the mountain range near Occitanie.

He was left unconscious overnight and woke up the following day to find himself at the bottom of a cliff with his frustrated boss on the other end of the line.

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The 8am call to the 22-year-old sparked a rescue mission after he told his boss he had fallen off a cliff.

According to local newspaper La Dépêche, his employer “realised the seriousness of the situation” and soon “told him to ring emergency services with his mobile phone, knowing that we could very probably locate him that way,” a mountain rescue service representation said.

He added if it wasn’t for the call the man could have died. Following the call from his boss, emergency services were able to get in touch with the missing hiker, who “was able to tell us his first and last name, but we were forced to geolocate him in order to know where he was exactly.”

The hiker was found in a state of hypothermia and with multiple fractures. A mountain rescuer added: “If his employer hadn’t called, the outcome would have in all likelihood been fatal for the victim.”

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