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Harry ‘genuinely happy’ after he stopped ‘masking emotions’ – expert

Prince Harry lookalike ‘endangered’ by Spare revelations

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Prince Harry appeared “genuinely happy” in his latest interview promoting his new memoir Spare released on January 10, a royal expert has said. Body language expert Darren Stanton said the Duke of Sussex was also “extremely open” about topics such as the death of his mother, Diana after years of “masking his emotions”.

Harry, 38, has done several recent interviews where he revealed intimate anecdotes and made fresh claims about senior royals.

The appearances have shocked many commentators and the public alike. Some have claimed Harry’s behaviour during the interviews has at times seemed “self-destructive”.

But during an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, the Prince appeared more positive, claims body language expert Darren Stanton. He said it is “clear Harry is loving life in California”.

He said: “While speaking about moving to America, I saw genuine flashes of happiness and joy, which is something I haven’t seen in previous interviews.

“In my opinion, Harry has been known to mask his emotions over the years.

“However, now that his book is published, he’s in a position to openly speak about his views.”

Mr Stanton also noted he was comfortable to talk about the death of his mother “from the heart”.

The body language expert added that Harry “was extremely open whilst speaking about the death of his mother Diana”.

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“While he did flash some expressions of sadness, his body language was consistent with someone who was speaking from the heart.”

The expert described it as a “great interview” because of Harry being direct and to the point, without “sidestepping” or “objecting to questions”.

During previous interviews, the Duke of Sussex reportedly appeared squirmish to while answering uncomfortable questions.

With ITV’s Tom Bradby, Prince Harry looked uncomfortable as the presenter brought up his cocaine use and asked if it was in the “public interest” for us to know about it.

Harry told Bradby at the time: “I think what’s a matter of public interest is the relationship between the institution with the tabloid media.

“That to me, is more public interest than anything else. But myself itself has been put through a blender as such.

“So, I think the lines have been blurred so much that public interest is more about the wellbeing of society.”

Mr Stanton said Harry’s behaviour during The Late Show interview proved he was “happy and relaxed” to speak about every area of his life.

The expert also noted Harry and Colbert were matching and mirroring each other’s body language.

The two downed tequila while Prince Harry poked fun at the royals as well as talking about darker times of his life, such as Diana’s death.

Colbert quizzed Harry about his feelings about turning 38 and being two years older than Diana when she died in a car crash in 1997.

He said: “Well, she died at 36, and I was 36 when this all kicked off.

“January of 2020 was when my wife and I basically said, ‘Enough, we can’t cope.’”

Not everyone thinks Prince Harry is happy at the moment, however. Piers Morgan recently described Harry as the “unhappiest Happy man” following the Duke’s ITV interview with Mr Bradby on Sunday evening.

And the retired colonel Philip Ingram MBE told he thought Harry’s behaviour was “self-destructive” and similar to the symptoms of PTSD Ingram experienced.

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