Sunday, 8 Dec 2019

Green Party’s manifesto exposed in stinging attack – ‘Working class will shoulder burden!’

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley clashed with Telegraph Associate Editor Camilla Tominey in a heated exchange on BBC Politics Live. The Green Party have released their manifesto, which promises to spend £100 billion to tackle the climate crisis. Ms Tominey attacked the manifesto plans, telling the parliamentary candidate that his plans would lead to working class people having to “shoulder the burden” of the costs.

She told Mr Bartley: “You’re talking about these frequent flyers all being super rich, clearly they are not.

“There’ll be a lot of people on modest incomes who frequently fly because they’re flown for work or perhaps they’ve got relatives in Spain.

“Caroline Lucas herself admitted that she has to fly because she’s got a son living in America.

“Second of all, people who might have the older, less energy-efficient boilers may well be old age pensioners for whom the idea of having a boiler ripped out and a smart boiler, or whatever the alternative is, put in is impossible.”

The journalist continued: “You’ve then got low income people living in rural areas.

“In my village, for instance, and I know because I’ve got an elderly neighbour who relies on public transport.

“We’re talking about one bus an hour.

“I’m not saying that’s a preferential state of affairs.”

Ms Tominey said: “When you look at people who have to drive cars through London, it’s often the so-called white van men and women who are penalised disproportionately by things like the levy on diesel vehicles.

“Often working class people are the people having to shoulder the burden.

“It’s all very well for the super rich who can put solar panels on their roofs.”

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Mr Bartley replied: “Taking your point about installation, boilers come to the end of their life.

“When people are wanting efficient boilers or wanting to trade them in, let’s give them a more efficient scrap scheme that makes it affordable.

“Most pensioners I think would like to have their fuel poverty tackled. We’ll prioritise those on low incomes in our Green New Deal.”

The Green Party plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero, as well as raise funding for the NHS by £6bn a year until 2030, with a further £1bn per year for nursing higher education.

They also want to encourage farmers to adopt greener working practices, reduce meat in our diet and build 100,000 zero-carbon homes.

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