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Grandma’s savage response to granddaughter’s ‘horrible’ tattoo

Ms Sail was blunt in her critique of Ms Cotton’s artwork. When asked by Elizabeth’s older sister, Emily, 21, she said it was “S**t”.

Elizabeth, surprised by the response, asked: “You what?” To this, Ms Sail once more said the tattoo was “S**t”.

When asked why she thought the tattoo wasn’t particularly good, Ms Sail said it was because she thought the design was “horrible”.

A visibly annoyed Elizabeth replied: “Do you know what else is horrible? I’m not going to say because I don’t want to hurt your feelings like you just hurt mine.”

In response to his accusation, Ms Sail said: “Hurt your feelings? It’s not finished off properly. It’s only got two wings and a body.”

Ms Cotton snapped back: “Yeah two wings and a body, that’s what it’s supposed to have, what butterflies are you looking at?”

As this verbal tussle continues, a voice can be heard off-camera saying that butterflies have four wings, not two, to which Ms Cotton replies that they don’t.

Wading in once more, Ms Sail added: “You could have them over that flower, it’s stupid.” Ms Cotton’s older sister can be heard laughing behind the camera as Ms Sail looks away, but she isn’t finished her tattoo review.

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She added that the tattoo will “be an old moth soon anyway” causing laughter from the family.

When the video was posted online, the tete-a-tete received hysterical reviews. One wrote: “Better than me because I would have told my nan she’s an old moth.”

Another said: “My nan would have said the same.”

Another person quipped: “I want to know the horrible things she had to say, she should’ve gone straight for the jugular.”

Ms Cotton said the reaction by Ms Sail wasn’t a surprise as “she has no filter and says everything she thinks with no hesitation”.

While Ms Cotton’s tattoo may have gone viral, Ms Sail may have been right in her assessment of the butterfly.

According to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, a butterfly has four wings. They said butterflies have “fore wings at the front and two hind wings in the back”.

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