Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Furious caller lambasts ‘disgusting’ MPs over Brexit thwarting plans – ‘Lack moral fibre’

The Wiltshire caller blasted MPs for “lacking moral fibre” after rejecting calls for a new general election as way to resolve the Brexit deadlock gripping the country. Parliament last week voted to pass a new law seeking to stop Britain from leaving the European Union without a deal. But Darren told talkRADIO the behaviour of MPs over the past few months showed him the Commons  “lack the determination” to ensure the result of the 2016 referendum is delivered. 

The angry caller said: “I’m so disgusted by what I’ve seen last night and what I’ve been seeing in the past months.

“This is the sort of shower, shabby shower we’ve got to deal with. A bunch of privileged sort of uni students sitting at the back with placards.

“They absolutely disgust me and I’m still fuming about this.”

The Wiltshire caller said the behaviour of MPs had his foreign friends “joke about us” because of Parliament’s failure to ensure the UK quits the bloc.

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He continued: “Living around the world, in the military, I’ve got a lot of foreign friends and they used to look at us Brits saying, ‘thanks for helping us out,’ or joke about things.

“They joke about us now. These people have no moral fibre, no determination to get things done.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been leading an alliance of opposition parties tryng to limit the ability Boris Johnson has to deliver Brexit by October 31 as the Prime Minister pledged to see Brexit through “come what may.”

Mr Corbyn said he would support a vote for a snap election once the new no deal Brexit bill is implemented and on Monday once again whipped his MPs to abstain so as to deprive the Government of the majority needed to secure a vote.

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Despite a confrontation with Mr Corbyn in the Commons following the vote, the Prime Minister again denounced the no deal Brexit law on his personal Twitter account.

Mr Johnson wrote: “Corbyn’s #SurrenderBill would mean more pointless brexit delay at the extra cost of £250m a week – that’s enough to train 5,000 new nurses.

“Instead of giving our money to Brussels, we should be spending it on our priorities, like the NHS.”

The new law would force Mr Johnson to ask for a new extension to the withdrawal deadline until January 2020 unless an agreement is found with the EU before October 31.


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But a group of cross-party MPs have insisted there is chance to get an divorce deal agreed in the Commons with a “sizeable voice building across the House”.

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock claimed striking a “pragmatic deal” is “not a unicorn” as some commentators have claimed, saying a majority can be reached in Parliament.

The Aberavon MP was joined by fellow Labour MP Caroline Flint, former Tory cabinet minister Rory Stewart, independent Nick Boles and Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb at the launch of “MPs for a Deal” in Portcullis House.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Kinnock said this was “not about reproducing a carbon copy” of the deal which failed in three meaningful votes, adding that what emerged from cross-party talks was a “compelling proposal”.

The Labour MP said: “The fact is that we are rooted in reality here. This is not a unicorn.

“We have something here which is the basic foundation of a perfectly pragmatic deal that we believe can command a majority in Parliament and also begin to reunite our deeply divided country and even at this 11th hour we think there is time to do it.”

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