Sunday, 29 May 2022

‘Focus on London!’ Sadiq Khan told to ‘get home’ as mayor calls for ‘open’ cannabis laws

Germany considers the legalisation of recreational cannabis

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The GB News host slammed the Mayor of London for “using London” to bolster his bid to be the next Labour leader. Mr Wootton accused Mr Khan of attempting to “undermine British culture” by ushering in a series of “hard left policies”. He added that Mr Khan was wasting the public’s time on a “pathetic little jolly” in the US, ultimately “encouraging drug use” by openly considering decriminalising cannabis after visiting farms in California. 

Mr Wootton said: “Sadiq Khan is using London because he wants to be the next Labour leader and usher in a hard left series of policies that undermine British culture, defund the police and encourage drug use. 

“His US tour must be called out. God knows how much it must be costing. 

“And remember, we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis. Mr Khan, get home now!

“Stop talking to your doped up mates in California on your pathetic little jolly and start focusing on saving London.” 

Mr Khan has said that the UK needs to have “an honest, open conversation” about the legal status of cannabis during his four-day tour of the US.

The comments were made after he visited a cannabis dispensary and farm in Los Angeles, having also met with LA mayor Eric Garcetti. 

The Mayor of London said: “We need to have an honest, open conversation about the evidence in relation to the history of cannabis and our laws in the UK and our experience of the health consequences in relation to crime and the community. 

“The best way to do that will be with the drugs commission we’ve now set up.

“You can hear from the experts, that’s one thing, but seeing it for yourself … hearing from those who cultivate and grow this plant has been fascinating.”

On his opinion of the facility, he continued: “(It) is quite clearly heavily regulated, there are really high standards, no corners are being cut, they’re readily inspected by the city, by the experts.

“It’s important to see for ourselves what the parallel world of legalised cannabis looks like as a compare and contrast.

“What I hope the London Drugs Commission will do is look [at] what happens elsewhere in the world where the laws have been changed.”

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Former justice secretary Lord Charlie Falconer QC will be the chair of the first London Drugs Commission, which will assess the effectiveness of UK drug laws, the Mayor announced. 

Mr Khan also visited Gorrila RX Wellness shop in the Crenshaw area of LA, which stocks 1,900 brands of cannabis-related products including beverages, edibles and coffee beans.

Kika Keith, owner of the shop, said the decriminalisation of cannabis in the UK would “tremendously help” London’s black community.

She said: “The people of colour in London should have opportunities to learn about the workforce opportunities, the entrepreneurship … it should really be a diversified industry.”

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