Friday, 21 Feb 2020

Farage caller erupts in furious outburst against MPs’ Brexit plans – ‘Absolutely fed up’

The South Shields voter blasted members of Parliament for their conduct over the past few weeks due to attempts for an opposition alliance to pass an anti no deal Brexit bill through the Commons. Betty told Nigel Farage MPs must “stop whinging” and begin acting like adults as she warned she will not cast her vote for the Labour Party in the event of a snap election. Speaking to LBC, the angry caller said: “If they wanted more time, they could have cancelled the conferences.

And stop whinging, stop calling each other names, stop pulling each other down.

“Talk civil like grown-up human beings – shouting across the room is no way to come to an agreement about anything when you are only slighting each other.”

Betty continued: “It’s not civil and it’s not respectful. I’m fed up with it, I’m really upset.

“I did vote to leave and I’ll tell you what, Labour in South Shield will not get my vote.”

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Westminster descended into disarray after MPs from the opposition benches launched a protest against the Government’s decision to shut down Parliament until October 14.

MPs could be seen holding up signs marked “silenced” as Speaker of the House John Bercow oversaw the prorogation ceremony after Boris Johnson was defeated for the second time in less than a week in his attempt to trigger a snap election after the Queen’s Speech in October. 

Labour MPs were also seen filmed sitting on the benches singing the socialist song Red Flag as they waited for the results of the vote they abstained from.

The Prime Minister sought to trigger a vote in hope to strengthen his negotiating hand ahead of the next EU Summit in Brussels scheduled for October 17. 

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Nigel Farage offered to help Mr Johnson deliver on his pledge to see Brexit through with a “non-aggression pact” which would see the Brexit Party and Conservatives work together at the next general election.

The Prime Minister rejected the offer despite Mr Farage suggesting the two parties would be “unstoppable” if they worked together.

The Brexit Party leader said: “I am somewhat disappointed that I offer a genuine hand of friendship and I say ‘come on Boris Johnson, let’s get the leavers of this country united, let’s fight a general election because it is coming at some point before too long’.

“‘Let’s fight it together, let’s have a non-aggression pact and, if we do that, you will win a big, solid, safe majority’.”


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The European Union is increasingly frustrated by the lack of concrete proposals coming from the British Government, despite claims from Prime Minister Johnson that talks have been “intensified”.

Brussels officials are wary of being used by Downing Street to give the Tory leader an advantage in a possible general election.

The European Commission were reportedly furious at a recent attempt to sideline the leading EU body in Brexit talks.

The Prime Minister is claimed to have sidestepped Brexit negotiations with the European Commission by proposing so-called mini deals with EU27 capitals directly.

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