Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Ex-Primark employee shares story that ‘still haunts her to this day’

An ex-Primark employee has shared a disturbing experience that still haunts her to this day.

Posting on TikTok, Georgia Pontin said when she was working in the changing room section an experience left her very disturbed, Bristol Live reports.

Explaining her story, she said: “I worked at Primark and there are stories that still haunt me to this day and this is one of them. I worked in the bra section and one day I had to take the bras that were in the fitting room and put them back on the shelves.

“I did my usual and grabbed a chunk of bras from the fitting room and started putting them out. As I was walking around, I smelled something really, really bad. It smelled like stale cigarettes and I was getting worried because I knew someone would complain about me not doing my job properly.”

She walked around still trying to put the bras back, when she realised where the odour was coming from.

“I reached for one of the bras in my hand, which I had never seen before, then it clicked and I realised that this was the source of the smell,” she said. “Someone had gone into the fitting rooms and switched their own bras out with one of Primarks.

“So please always wash your clothes because you don’t know whether they’re from Primark or not.”

She then posted that customers shouldn’t worry because “Primark can’t physically sell that product that doesn’t belong to them”.

Amassing thousands of views, dozens of people commented on the post. One person wrote: “Always used to happen when I worked at M&S too. And people walking out in shoes.”

Another said: “I worked in shoes and people always swapped them out but it was very noticeable so I threw them away.”

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