Friday, 6 Dec 2019

Ethiopia plane crash victim's widow sues Boeing for €247m

A French woman whose husband was killed when a Boeing 737 Max airliner crashed in Ethiopia in March has filed a US lawsuit against the manufacturer, seeking at least $276m (€247m) in damages.

The crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 near Addis Ababa killed all 157 passengers and crew aboard.

The complaint alleges Boeing failed to inform pilots properly about the risks posed by software meant to prevent the 737 Max from stalling, which repeatedly lowered the plane’s nose due to a faulty sensor data, US attorney Nomaan Husain said.

“Once again, corporate greed has placed profits over safety, with tragic consequences,” he said.

Mr Husain said he was seeking a minimum of $276m in damages for client Nadege Dubois-Seex.

Boeing said last week it had completed an update to the 737 Max’s software and was in the process of submitting a plan for related pilot training to the FAA.

Airlines around the world grounded the 737 Max after the Ethiopian Airlines crash, the second for the Boeing model in five months.

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