Friday, 8 Dec 2023

End This Injustice campaign victory: Killer partners to lose parental rights

The Daily Express End This Injustice campaign has won another crucial victory – with killers who murdered their partners about to be blocked from having a role in their children’s lives.

Murderers will soon not be able to control their youngsters’ lives from prison under powers to be put before Parliament by the end of the year. Our crusade exposed how a paedophile father was able to continue the abuse of his two children from jail.

He prevented them from going on holiday or changing their surnames after attacking them while they slept and being locked up for 10 years. He also stopped his ex-wife from selling the property where he live-streamed the abuse of his children to paedophiles.

The move, known as Jade’s Law, is designed to put children first and protect families from being manipulated.

It is named after the case of Jade Ward, 27, who was stabbed and strangled by Russell Marsh as their four sons slept at their Flintshire home in 2021.

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But Marsh has continued to contact her family, asking for photos, school reports and medical details of the children.

Alex Chalk, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, said: “Jade Ward’s case and the moving campaign of her family has exposed an injustice in our family justice system, one that we are committed to fixing.

Support “Murderers who kill partners should not be able to manipulate and control their children from behind bars.”

The new rules will create an automatic suspension of parental responsibility from a person who is convicted of the murder or voluntary manslaughof ter of a person with whom they share parental responsibility.

The End This Injustice campaign fought for better protection for domestic abuse victims.

TV presenter Rachel Riley has lent her support to the campaign, highlighting the case of Rotherham survivor Sammy Woodhouse, 38, whose attacker had rights to see the son he had conceived through rape. She said: “For families most in danger, it’s a step in the right direction.”

End This Injustice is up for its eighth journalism award at the Media Freedom Awards next month.

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