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End of EU: Did Macron admit Brexit will DESTROY bloc with THIS claim?

On April 10, Theresa May secured a second extension to Brexit, after EU leaders unanimously agreed to grant Britain a six-month flexible extension until October 31. French President Emmanuel Macron was the only leader who fought against his counterparts to limit British influence during the tense seven-hour standoff in Brussels. He wanted to see Britain out of the bloc as soon as possible but was snubbed by EU leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who agreed to delay Brexit until October 31 without attaching strong political conditions to the extension.

The French President believes Britain and its exit are monopolising the European agenda, at the expense of other important issues and the upcoming MEP elections.

For this reason, Mr Macron recently admitted Paris and Berlin are at odds on the Brexit issue.

Last week, the French President told reporters he and Ms Merkel were “not completely on the same page” when it comes to Britain’s departure from the bloc.

The frank admission of a rough patch in Franco-German relations is rare from Mr Macron, who has tried to build a close relationship with the German Chancellor to launch an ambitious reform programme for the EU.

His comments are also likely to worry europhiles, as the French President has often claimed how important it is that Berlin and Paris “get along” for the future of the EU and even suggested that a rift between the two nations could bring about the demise of the bloc.

Most recently, in an interview on Italian state TV which aired in early March, Mr Macron claimed that the bond between Berlin and Paris is indeed his “first responsibility”.

He said: “This is part of our constant European stories.

“France and Germany have to talk to each other.

“When we look at our long-term history, when there is a misunderstanding between France an Germany, there is no longer a Europe that goes forward.

“When there is a conflict between France and Germany, the worst becomes possible.

“Therefore my first responsibility is to guarantee that there is a minimum, but also a maximum of harmony with my German friends.

“This is what I attempt to do.”

Regarding Italy, Mr Macron then added: “It is France and Germany that are making Europe go forward.”

The damaging effect of Britain’s proposed exit on the bloc has arguably already been felt.

According to new projections published by the European Parliament, eurosceptic parties will see a significant rise in support in this month’s elections.

Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party is the bookies’ favourite to top the results on May 23 despite standing in its first election.

Italy is set to be the largest contributor to the populist wave, with 61 of its 76 European Parliament (EP) seats projected to be taken by parties such as Matteo Salvini’s League.

Populist parties in France, the Netherlands and Germany have all also forecasted huge boosts ahead of the May vote.

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