Saturday, 26 Sep 2020

Earthquake rocks UK as people report loud bang and houses shaking

A number of people have reported feeling their houses shaking from an earthquake in Buckinghamshire this morning.

Tremors have been reported shortly after 10am by people living in Leighton Buzzard, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and other areas across the south east.

Seismic activity has been detected on monitors on the British Geological Survey website.

The earthquake is a magnitude of 3.9, according to the LastQuake app which is run by EMSC, an independent scientific organisation which provides real-time earthquake information.

A witness from Leighton Buzzard wrote on the EMSC website: ‘Well I have to be honest, I was still half asleep and thought it was just one of the cats jumping on the bed.

‘But my other half said the earth moved for her, so either I’m amazing or we just had our first earthquake!

‘Seriously though, yes our house shook and felt like someone might of ran a vehicle into our house. All the neighbours came out to confirm we weren’t going crazy!’

Another person, from Dacorum in Hertfordshire, wrote: ‘It felt more like a pressure wave – I could feel it in my ears, rather than actually hear something like a rumble.

‘The whole house (timber construction) creaked like it had been pushed from one side.’

Many said they heard a ‘large bang’ and then felt ‘shaking’, with some noting it was ‘very brief’ and others saying it was ‘like an explosion’.

A number of people took to Twitter to tell the world they had experienced their first ever earthquake.

James Montague wrote: ‘So I just experienced my first #earthquake in Leighton Buzzard. My room vibrated for about 30 seconds. Craziness.’

Angustifolia (@elein_mware) tweeted: ‘I might be dumb but I thought the UK couldn’t get earthquakes. Felt it in Leighton Buzzard, I was scared for a moment.’

@1GoldPLTrophy said: ‘Just felt the mini earthquake here in Leighton Buzzard. That’s enough 2020 – we’re done now. No more nonsense please.’

Others have joked about the relatively small size of the earthquake in comparison to others around the world.

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