Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021

DVLA strike chaos to ‘put Christmas at risk’: Union threat could DERAIL festivities

HGV shortages: 'Buy early for Christmas' advises expert

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The DVLA has been dealing with a backlog of around 56,000 HGV licence applications over the past few months. However, reports emerged that suggested there have only been 20 foreign drivers given visas during the driver shortages.

The suggestion for strikes has been put forward by the Public and Commercial Services union in Swansea.

Reasoning behind the strikes which have been mentioned by the PCS is due to the conditions which the workers were under during the pandemic.

Many workers for this location believed that the conditions they were working under were unsafe due to the pandemic.

Kate Gibbs, Head of Communications for the trade association told MailOnline: “The action by DVLA staff could not come at a worse time.

“This industry is already facing a 100,000k driver shortage and the news that the agency was to speed up the licencing process would have made at least a dent in that shortfall.

“And additional hold-ups at this time will just add more misery for the thousands of hauliers, desperate to get their drivers back on the road.

“Supply chains are already straining under the additional pressure and we are already seeing empty supermarket shelves as a result.

“If, as predicted, Christmas was already at risk, this will inevitably make that risk a reality.”

The calls from PCS have suggested that less drivers should be working at the offices – asking for more people to work from home.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “The determination of our members to secure a just deal remains steadfast.

“Ministers have admitted they scuppered the dispute-ending deal back in June, but they have underestimated our members’ unbreakable resolve.

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“We want a deal that has Covid safety measures at its heart, appropriate reward and recognition for staff working throughout the pandemic and a workplace recovery plan, agreed with the union.

“If our members vote once again for strike action, we will support them every step of the way.”

Across the past six months, there have been 58 strikes against the conditions of work.

The country has been facing lorry driver shortages for a number of months, with Boris Johnson saying he has known about the shortages for a “long, long, long” time.

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