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Diana’s mum ‘shredded’ letters months after princess death to ‘destroy part of her world’

Princess Diana: Family 'shred' her belongings claims Burrell

Part of Diana, Princess of Wales’ world was almost “destroyed” by her mother after her death, according to Paul Burrell. The former royal butler spoke about witnessing Frances Shand Kydd “tearing up” and “removing” personal belongings less than a year after the royal had died. He told Channel 5’s documentary, ‘Secrets of the Royal Palaces’, that this is what motivated him to start moving Diana’s possessions to his own home.

After Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997, Mr Burrell was heavily involved with sorting her belongings at Kensington Palace.

He said: “It was an arduous task but I found it quite cathartic really.

“To be in her world, to still be in control, to be taking care of the things she loved most.”

However, the former butler felt that members of Diana’s family were deliberately “destroying” her legacy.

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He accused them of getting rid of material they didn’t want the public to discover.

Daily Mail Editor-at-Large Richard Kay said: “He could see her mother and sister tearing up letters and removing things.

“He felt that there were things in that Palace that should be preserved for William and Harry.”

Mr Burrell described the scenes he claimed to bear witness to.

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He told Channel 5: “Mrs Shand Kydd would sit on the settee in the princess’ sitting room, and constantly shred the princess’ correspondence.

“She really did destroy part of the princess’ world.”

Mr Burrell therefore started to secretly protect Diana’s possessions and remove them from Kensington Palace.

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Three years later, the police found as many as 2000 items in his home.

The police believed they had enough evidence to take the former servant to court.

He was formally charged with stealing 342 items of personal property.

The trial collapsed after it emerged he had told the Queen he was keeping some of Diana’s possessions.

Buckingham Palace denied that the case had been halted at the Queen’s request.

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