Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020

David Frost warned of complacency in Brexit trade talks as pivotal moment ahead for UK

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Former Brexit Party MEP Jake Pugh argued the UK could become complacent in the Brexit trade talks given Brussels’ optimism in getting a deal by the end of the year. While speaking on Brexit Watch’s Youtube channel, Mr Pugh argued the UK needed to consider taking using WTO rules to trade earlier rather than later. Mr Pugh claimed if the UK left it too late it would not give UK or its businesses enough time to prepare for WTO trading.

He added this could weaken the UK’s stance in the Brexit trade talks as the EU could be confident the UK would have to agree on a trade deal.

Mr Pugh said: “The mood music and noises from the EU and the comments from David Frost have been absolutely excellent.

“The speech he gave initially, his kickoff speech I thought was great.

“But in all things with the EU, whilst the noises are better we have heard all sorts of noises before.”

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Mr Pugh then questioned whether David Frost and Boris Johnson’s Government would be willing to trade on WTO rules if Brexit trade talks don’t progress.

He said: “Does this Government really have the guts to go WTO if a deal is not going to be apparent?

“There has been some talk that the 30th of June is not the definitive date and actually the deal date will be in September.

“I think that is extremely concerning.

“If you are saying the end of June is not the definitive date, then you are really signifying that you are never going to go WTO.

“You simply won’t have the time to make those changes in the last couple of months.”

Mr Pugh closed by insisting the next couple of weeks would be crucial for the UK in the Brexit trade talks.

He said: “Whilst the Government has put up some new tariff schedules they will probably want to revise those.

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“To me, we are coming to a really pivotal date.”

The former Brexit Party MEP also reflected on how the EU would react to the UK not confirming they would trade on WTO rules by the end of June.

He said: “The UK could start saying the end of June, early July, is not the point where we take the definitive position on WTO.

“If we do that the EU will go, yes we knew the UK would blink again.”

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