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Dad calls for Prime Energy to be pulled off shelves after son ‘almost died’

A dad has demanded the popular drink Prime Energy be pulled from the shelves after his eight-year-old son “nearly died” from consuming a can of the caffeine-packed beverage.

Luan Tusha said his family sprung into action and dialled 999 when little Fabian appeared to be having a fit and couldn’t control his breathing.

They were unaware that the drink was for over-16s, as it contains 140mg of caffeine – almost double the 80mg in a 250ml can of Red Bull.

Specialists warn that drinks with high caffeine content can raise heart rates and blood pressure and say that kids are more at risk.

The family bought the £2 can of Blue Raspberry Prime Energy during a shopping trip to Asda.

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The product appears to be almost identical to a bottle of the ‘must-have’ zero-caffeine Prime Hydration drink.

Luan, 40, said Fabian started feeling ill as soon as he got home.

The dad-of-two said: “His heart rate got up to 145 bpm — you could see it thumping through his T-shirt.

“He couldn’t breathe. He started to pull his hair and his cheeks. My wife got a cool towel and put it on his forehead to try to calm him down.”

Paramedics arrived on the scene and found his blood pressure was far higher than it should be. They stayed with the boy for an hour and a half until his vital signs stabilised.

Luan, a builder, and his wife Libua, 43, then kept their eye on Fabian overnight.

The drink was a social media sensation when it was released in February, prompting fights among customers who battled with other shoppers to get their hands on the colourful bottles.

Prime was launched by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI and such was its popularity, it was being resold online for as much as £20.

A message on the back of the drink warns that Prime Energy is not recommended for children, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine.

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Most of the UK’s supermarkets have banned the sale of energy drinks like Prime, Red Bull, and Monster, to those under the age of 16.

A chain of New York grocery stores has pulled Prime Energy from its shelves entirely. Now, Luan wants British shops to do the same.

He warned: “It almost killed Fabian. We need to make sure that kids stop drinking this.”

Dr Duane Mellor, from Aston University, explained: “Children are at more risk due to lower body weight and different metabolisms.”

Asda said: “We ask customers to please be responsible when purchasing these products.”

Prime has not commented on the ordeal.

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