Monday, 3 Oct 2022

Couple fears huge new Lidl sign will beam yellow light into their home

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A retired couple is concerned that a 30-foot Lidl sign will make their lives hell when a new store opens next month, as they live in the shadow of the giant illuminated board.

It will be lit up when the store opens to the public in October after seven months of construction.

The pair, who live in Ashford, Surrey, claim the sign is too large and will shine directly into their home when their garden’s trees are bare in the winter.

While angry at Lidl, they are also furious at the council for approving the project toward the end of last year.

The husband told Surrey Live: “I’m going to have this yellow Lidl sign shining into my garden, kitchen and lounge and I don’t want that.

“If my house is worth £900,000 today, when that’s lit up will it be worth £600,000? I don’t want it there and it should never have been allowed to be put there.

“The weak link here is Spelthorne Borough Council. I’m being told ‘well it’s up now, nothing can be done’.

“I just find the whole thing wishy-washy. I pay to live in the house, it doesn’t mean anything I think.”

His wife added: “[We] wouldn’t have a problem if it was halved in size but I’m standing in my kitchen and it’s like it’s growing out the back of my garden.

“We’ve lived here 40 years and it will devalue our house.”

The couple has also contended with seven months of building work with the amount of noise created meaning they had to cancel barbecues and social visits from friends.

Trees close to the site have also been cut down, angering the couple further as this would have partially obscured the view of the sign.

They also claim the sign had been built in a different location than originally planned, an issue Spelthorne Borough Council confirmed to SurreyLive on Thursday (September 15) which the council is now looking into.

The council said it had spoken with a local resident and would be speaking to Lidl about these issues soon.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Council officers spoke with a concerned resident in relation to the new Lidl store on September 8 2022 and any issues surrounding it.

“The original planning application was advertised and properties were notified in accordance with the regulations.

“The sign has advertising consent but the council are undertaking an investigation into whether it is in the wrong location.

“Once we have a response from the developer’s agent, officers will visit the site to ensure the sign location and size is erected in accordance with the approval.

“The felling of the trees around the sign has been authorised.”

Express Online has approached Lidl for a comment.

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