Friday, 30 Oct 2020

Coronavirus: ‘Fly-peeing’ a growing problem as lockdown eases but toilets remain shut

Urination, defecation and vomiting are now a regular sight outside of Soulmany Diarra’s front door in east London. 

He and his family live next to London Fields. Since lockdown restrictions have eased, thousands regularly descend on the park.

Far more than the public toilets can cope with and, after a few drinks, most people are unwilling to queue.

“You have to guard your building as if you’re in a war zone,” says Soulmany.

“They’ll do it anywhere, between the cars parked, anywhere they can find basically.

“On a weekend, when its sunny and there is a long queue for the public toilet, people just come around the corner urinating on your doorstep.

“We’ve tried shouting, it doesn’t bother them at all…they just stand there ignoring us. On the other side of the park people have thrown water at them, it’s a nightmare.”

Extra park security who can issue £150 fines have made little difference.

“They say ‘we’ll do our best to help you guys but we’re outnumbered as well’.”

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