Friday, 8 Dec 2023

Company boss forced to defend ‘woke-free zone’ flag outside office

A company has defended flying a “woke-free zone” flag at its new headquarters.

Founder of Net World Sports, Alex Loven, defended the flag by saying it represented a valid viewpoint.

He argued that a “cloak of wokeness” had taken over all aspects of society, including education, culture and mainstream media.

However, a resident said the flag shows a “complete lack of inclusivity” and expressed shock that the company would allow the statement to be on display, reported The Mirror.

The resident added: “[It] astounds me that their HR department would condone this display of complete and utter discrimination”.

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The boss of the Wrexham-based firm, which provides sports equipment, added that the company questioned whether the “woke narrative” is aiding the development of young people and that it would be “completely disingenuous to say otherwise if we don’t believe in it”.

A local resident, who wanted to stay anonymous, said: “I am utterly disgusted to find that a local business within my community is promoting a Woke Free Zone.

“I find this deeply offensive and the fact they are highlighting this with a flag outside the building shows a complete lack of morals and inclusivity.

“I would be very disappointed to find that anyone would affiliate with such a business who have an obvious lack of ethnic, racial and sexual minority awareness and understanding.”

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Mr Loven stated: “The qualities and values we promote and develop in young people are confidence, taking ownership, independent thought, communication, teamwork, decency, dividends of hard work and finally resilience.

“We are sure anyone reading this will at least concur to some extent that these are not things which are overflowing in youngsters of today. Our sole objective is to give young people the skills they need to flourish. The question that we must ask is, as a country are we failing young people?

“That’s an open question, but if you look around the alarm bells are ringing and at this stage, it’s more than reasonable to question the value of the cloak of wokeness that has enveloped all parts of society from education to mainstream media.”

He added: “We are a business shooting for the stars and as we power through galaxy after galaxy, it’s the trailblazers we have nurtured who are both the astronauts and mission control of Net World.

“Simply put, we question whether the woke narrative is aiding the development of young people and it would be completely disingenuous to say otherwise if we don’t believe in it.

“Finally, we must all reflect on how the world has been shaped by the great pioneers. These people weren’t afraid to challenge convention. From Galileo to The Suffragettes it was discoveries and principles which drove these people on.”

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