Sunday, 3 Jul 2022

Claudia Lawrence’s dad leaves £10k to support charity

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Peter Lawrence, 74, died in February last year and left the money from his £520,000 estate to Missing People, for which he was an ambassador.

The retired solicitor got an OBE for helping shape the 2017 Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act, known informally as Claudia’s Law. This allows families of people who vanish for more than 90 days to deal with their affairs.

Jo Youle, from the charity, said: “We are deeply touched. In doing this, Peter helps to ensure we can be a lifeline for people affected by the issue of missing.”

Peter had said: “You can’t give up. I’ve no intention of ever giving up.”

University of York chef Claudia was 35 when she vanished from her home in Heworth, North Yorks.

Detectives say her private life was “complex” and involved at least one affair with a married man. Nine arrests were made but no one was charged.

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