Thursday, 11 Aug 2022

Camilla reveals ‘fun’ relationship with Kate as pair dubbed ‘powerhouse royal girl gang’

Kate Middleton and Camilla 'kindred spirits' says Russell Myers

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To mark her 75th birthday on Sunday, 17 July, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall guest-edited a special issue of Country Life. The Duchess used her keen editorial eye to commission pieces, select photographs and even put pen to paper herself. When asked who should photograph her for the cover, Camilla suggested her own daughter-in-law Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, who is an accomplished amateur photographer. 

Kate is behind the camera of many of the birthday pictures released of the Cambridge children, and seemingly has an eye for photographing people, particularly those closest to her. 

The chosen cover image shows Camilla in her natural habitat — in the garden of Ray Mills, her country retreat in Wiltshire. 

Camilla’s special edition of the magazine was accompanied by an ITV documentary, giving rare insight into the life of the Duchess. 

During ‘Camilla’s Country Life’, the future Queen Consort spoke about being photographed by her daughter-in-law and dropped hints about their close relationship. 

She said: “She [Kate] really did take good pictures. I think she does it very, sort of, naturally. 

“We had a lot of fun doing it. It was very relaxed, and, of course, very kind.

“The Duchess of Cambridge came with her camera. She’s an extremely good photographer.”

Camilla added: “And it was all very casual, there wasn’t much hair and make-up. It was just done in the garden with a lot of laughs.

“It was a lovely way of doing it.” 

The Duchess’ comments come as she and Kate have been described as a “powerhouse duo” and “girl gang” of two. 

Writing for 9Honey, royal commentator Natalie Oliveri, said: “There’s a new powerhouse duo in the British royal family, a ‘girl gang’ of two forged by their unique future titles and remarkably similar upbringings.”

Ms Oliveri claimed that the two Duchess’ relationship has gone from “strength to strength” in the past decade, particularly since the shock exit of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

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She said that their departure in 2020 has “unified those in Clarence House and Kensington Palace,” adding that “it’s no wonder Camilla and Kate have come together like never before, not only standing in solidarity with their husbands but doing what the Queen does best: keeping calm and carrying on.”

And their close bond was clearly on show when Kate photographed Camilla, as the Duchess of Cornwall showed no hesitation when choosing who she wanted to take the photos. 

During the documentary, Country Life editor Mark Hedges said Camilla was clear from the start as to who she wanted to take the photos.

He said: “She immediately replied: ‘Oh I’d quite like Catherine to do it’.”

In the years since Kate married Prince William and into the Royal Family, she and Camilla have attended several official engagements together, but appear to have gotten closer recently. 

Both women share characteristics, one being their strong family values. 

Kate has remained extremely close to her parents and two siblings, Pippa and James, since becoming a full-time working royal. Similarly, Camilla considers her sister Annabel her best friend, and is said to be very protective over her two children — Tom and Laura. 

The two women also share a passion for reading and recently joined forces for a special children’s book club. 

Kate named five books recommended for small children with the Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room, while also revealing the books her children Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, enjoy.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room was launched in January 2021, in the midst of a national lockdown, after Camilla shared two personally curated reading lists in an effort to offer a little “comfort” to those struggling with isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

The club has since become a hugely successful community of avid readers led by the Duchess of Cornwall who regularly shares her favourite reads.

With royal women often pitted against each other, “it’s good to see a royal friendship making news for all the right reasons,” according to Ms Oliveri. 

She added: “Camilla and Kate are a powerful force and know that together they have the platform and tools to make the monarchy stronger in the years to come.

“Queen Elizabeth is no doubt proud of them and will be taking comfort in the knowledge the Royal Family is in safe hands with this dynamic duo at the core.”

‘Camilla’s Country Live’ aired on ITV on Wednesday and is available to watch here.

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