Sunday, 29 May 2022

Brexiteer blasts Extinction Rebellion and says meeting their demands would kill elderly

Extinction Rebellion occupy Vauxhall and Lambeth Bridge

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The climate activists have been staging blockades of fuel depots around the country, leading to fuel shortages at petrol stations. Frustrated motorists have had to queue for hours to fill up in some places in the UK. The eco-warriors have also taken to the streets of London, staging sit down protests that have brought the capital to a standstill.

The protesters say they will continue their disruptive actions until the government agrees to stop all new fossil fuel developments immediately.

Richard Tice, the leader of the Reform Uk party, took to Twitter to vent his anger at the activists.

He said: “If these Stop Fossil Fuel people got their way, & the Govt banned fossil fuels tomorrow, tens of thousands of our elderly would die years earlier from cold and lack of heating.

“How selfish can these protestors be?”

A young activist told talkRadio that she was fighting to save the lives of her friends and family and would not stop until the government acted to ban fossil fuels.

She explained: “I want to be safe at home. I want my friends to be safe at home.

“But none of us are safe until the government acts on the climate crisis.

“Our futures are not safe and I am desperate and I am fighting for my life and I am fighting for my friend’s lives and my family’s lives.

“I could be hurt and scared and humiliated and intimidated but I won’t be stopped.

“I won’t back down until the government stops trading our lives for profit.”

Not everyone agreed with Mr Tice’s view of the protesters and their goals.

One wrote: “I think that’s a bit of a straw man argument though.

“The point many of these people make is we need to move ahead at lightning pace to decarbonise as a planet. The faster the better.

“It doesn’t mean an instant stop resulting in catastrophe for the grid.”

Another commented: “What about the hundreds of millions of people that will be impacted through a changing climate?

“There will a a huge number of premature deaths – are you in anyway conserved?”

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However, the former Brexit Party MEP had his supporters.

One said: “We could decarbonise the UK but it is a drop in the ocean.

“China, India, Pakistan Russia ??? Not a hope in hell !

“Meantime we are not allowed [email protected] our our own gas and oil? Bonkers.”

On Sunday, the eco-warriors continued their London protest and blocked Vauxhall and Lambeth bridges.

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