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Autistic man gunned down on own doorstep after killers got wrong address

An autistic man, described as a ‘gentle giant’, was shot on his doorstep after two assassins mistook him for someone else.

Chad Gordon, 27, was gunned down after Cameron Robinson, 20, and Mason Sani-Semedo, 19, got the wrong house in Tottenham, north London on May 18 last year.

The killers had been looking to carry out a revenge attack after their friend, Jemal Ebrahim, was killed five days earlier.

But, after driving to Wiltshire Gardens – a quiet cul-de-sac – on a stolen moped, they messed up, with catastrophic consequences for Chad and his family.

Sani-Semedo and Robinson denied but were convicted of murder while three other men – Clive Spencer, 24, Talye Olabisi, 24, and Javarn Carter-Fraser, 23 -were cleared.

Chad was ‘non-confrontational’ and had no involvement in criminal activity, the Old Bailey heard.

His father lowered his head and shook with emotion at the back of the court as his son’s killers were convicted.

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow said at around 8pm the two men blasted Mr Gordon in the face with a 9mm pistol as he opened his front door, sending him to the ground with a ‘crash’.

The ‘well-liked’ victim’s family and friends rushed to try and help him and when chad’s aunt confronted the killers they told her to ‘shut the f*** up’ and held her at gunpoint in front of a young child by her side.

Afterwards, the moped and clothes were burned on a bonfire on the Walthamstow marshes.

Mr Glasgow said the men ‘set off on a plan to kill and destroy evidence that might link them to the violence that was about to take place.’

The prosecutor said the one part of the plan that had ‘not been properly thought through’ was the address the killers were targeting.

He said: ‘While the actual identity of the intended target cannot be known with any certainty one thing is clear and that is the person the gunmen shot dead was not the man they meant to.

‘Chad Gordon was the young man who lost his life in such a brutal fashion. However Chad Gordon was the last person anyone would want to kill.

‘He was shy, quiet and spent much of his time on his own but despite that he was a well-liked and polite young man and no one had an unkind word to say about him.

‘What made his murder such a tragedy is that it appears the gunmen went to his address by mistake.

‘He lived in Wiltshire Gardens with his family. His immediate neighbours were not as popular with the local residents.’

Mr Glasgow added: ‘These defendants were responsible for planning and executing the shooting or seeking revenge for the death of their friend but in the end achieving nothing more than adding to the capital’s murder statistics last year.

‘The bullet struck Mr Gordon in the face and went straight through his head before lodging right in his skull. The damage was catastrophic and there was no chance of survival.

‘There was a crash as Chad Gordon collapsed to the ground. His family and friends were quickly beside him but there was nothing that could be done to save him.

‘They pointed the gun at his aunt. They told her to shut the f*** up. She threw herself to the ground and covered her young child who was with her.

‘Mason Sani-Semedo and Cameron Robinson simply jumped on their moped and pulled away.’

Jurors were told Mr Gordon was diagnosed with autism and attended local Bruce Grove youth club for people with learning difficulties.

Mr Glasgow said: ‘He’s described by his aunt as a gentle giant, non-confrontational with no involvement in any criminality. No one who knew Chad Gordon can understand why he was targeted in such a violent and shocking way and most believe a mistake must have been made by his killers.’

The two men convicted of the killing were remanded in custody ahead of their Old Bailey sentencing on June 8.

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