Thursday, 8 Dec 2022

Archbishop of Canterbury sends out pizzas to queuing Queen mourners

Archbishop of Canterbury sends pizzas to Queen mourners

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A Queen’s mourner revealed the Archbishop of Canterbury had members of his staff deliver pizzas and hot drinks to people queuing for hours both overnight and during the day outside his official residence at Lambeth Palace to pay respect to the late Queen. The woman jokingly said the pizza “might have been blessed” as she gushed over Justin Welby’s actions. Long queues have been forming since Monday, with hundreds already lining up the streets from Lambeth Bridge to Westminster Hall, where the Queen will be moved on Wednesday.

The woman told Sky News presenter Kay Burley “The Archbishop’s charity brought down some pizza.

“Might have been blessed!

“It was hot, which was nice. We also had hot drinks and everything.”

She concluded: “I’m very tired and wet. No make-up!”.

The comments came as the Queen’s coffin has now reached Buckingham Palace to then be moved to Westminster Hall through a procession that will take place later on Wednesday.

In the procession, the Queen’s coffin will be taken via The Mall, Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall, and Parliament Square.

During the procession in the capital, the King, members of the Royal Family, and senior staff of the late Queen will walk slowly behind the coffin in a route that is expected to take around 38 minutes.

Following the coffin’s arrival in Westminster Hall, the Archbishop of Canterbury will then conduct a short service in tribute to the late monarch.

Archbishop of Canterbury sends pizzas to Queen mourners

Once in Westminster Hall, the late Queen will lie-in-state in the hall until the morning of the funeral on Monday, 19 September.

Members of the public will be able to see the Queen’s coffin 24 hours a day, from 5pm on Wednesday until 6:30am on Monday morning.

More than 400,000 people are expected to be able to file past the Queen’s coffin to pay tribute to the late monarch.

Estimates also revealed that people could wait up to 12 hours to pay respect at Westminster Hall. 

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The Queen’s coffin flew on Tuesday from Edinburgh airport to RAF Northolt, in west London.

The late monarch’s coffin then travelled by road in the evening from the London airbase to Buckingham Palace.

In Scotland, the Queen lay at rest at St Giles’ Cathedral.

During the lying-in-state, more than 26,000 mourners have paid their respect in the cathedral.

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