Friday, 8 Dec 2023

American man mocked after claiming ‘everwhere in England is a suburb of London’

A man has been mocked after going viral on TikTok while claiming everywhere in England is essentially a “suburb of London”.

The man who grew up across the pond in Pensacola, Florida, described how large the state is, claiming you can drive for more than 13 hours without “doubling back” – and still be in Florida.

He states that by driving for six hours from London to the north of England, the whole country is “near London” according to “American standards”.

The TikTok user, Manbrose_USMC, said: “As far as I’m concerned, all of England is just a suburb of London.”

He tried to prove this theory even further and added: “The town that is the furthest away from London that I could find in England is called Berwick-upon-Tweed.. it is just over six hours from London..your whole country is near London!”

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TikTok users have flooded the video with comments about the “inaccuracies” of Manbrose_USMC’s claim.

User Matt said: “Yea by American standards. But funnily enough the UK is not America.”

Another user, Swagton69 said: “Aye but we don’t live in America though do we pal.” Whereas one TikToker, Chickencurrymasalarecipe said: “Idk why Americans expect people from other countries to accommodate specifically for them when it comes to the relative standard for if something is…”

Other users tried to poke fun at the video and see Manbrose_USMC’s point of view claiming “all of the UK is a quick weekend trip”.

@manbrose_usmc #stitch with @Melody Snook I don’t know why I said “Berwick” like that. #fyp #usa #england #uk #wtfisakilometer������������������ #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Manbrose_USMC

Some Americans are proud of the duration of their driving to reach certain destinations. Neil commented: “In the midwest, I’ve driven six hours for a concert before.”

The viral video has gained more than 1.5m views and over 4,000 comments with people from all over the world debating the claim. TikTok is often used as a platform for Americans to comment on British customs and traditions.

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