Monday, 6 Dec 2021

Middle East

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Twins Conjoined at the Head Separated in Israel

Surgeons in Israel have separated 1-year-old twins who were conjoined at the head, the first time the unusual surgery has been performed in the country. The successful surgery at a hospital in the southern city of Beersheba on Thursday was a moment of triumph both for the family and the medical team of 50 that […]

Afghan crisis cements Qatari global influence

DOHA (AFP) – Political leaders have flocked to Doha and some countries have moved their Kabul embassies to Qatar, all praising their host for its key role in the airlift out of the Afghan capital. Tiny Qatar has seized the moment, cementing its outsize global influence and reputation as a neutral mediator after winning the […]

Missile attack on Saudi oil region foiled: Saudi-led coalition

DUBAI (REUTERS) – A ballistic missile attack aimed at Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich eastern region was intercepted on Saturday (Sept 4), the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi group in Yemen said in a statement carried by Saudi state media. The missile was intercepted over the city of Dammam, according to a source familiar with the matter […]

Iraq at risk of power shortages after Iran reduced gas supply

BAGHDAD (REUTERS) – Iraq’s Electricity Ministry said Iranian gas supplied to the central and southern regions was reduced to eight million cubic metres per day from 49 million, causing a risk of serious power shortages. The ministry said in a statement on Wednesday (Sept 1) that there has been contact with the Iranian Energy Ministry […]

Israel to lend Palestinians $201.5 million after highest-level talks in years

JERUSALEM (REUTERS) – Israel will lend the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority (PA) more than US$150 million (S$201.5 million) after the sides held their highest-level meeting in years, Israeli officials said, while playing down prospects of any major diplomatic breakthrough. Defence Minister Benny Gantz, who has overall responsibility for the Israeli-occupied West Bank, travelled to the Palestinian […]

Drought diplomacy helps boost Israel-Jordan ties

JERUSALEM (AFP) – As scientific warnings of dire climate change-induced drought grow, many in Israel and Jordan cast worried eyes at the river running between them and the critical but limited resources they share. This month, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change showed unequivocally that the climate is changing faster than previously feared, heaping […]

Israeli PM moves to play down defence chief's talks with Palestinian leader

JERUSALEM (REUTERS) – Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sought on Monday (Aug 30) to play down any notion of a move towards renewed peace negotiations with the Palestinians after the highest-level Israeli-Palestinian meeting in years. Hours after Defence Minister Benny Gantz and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met, the main Israeli media outlets quoted “a source […]

Palestinians finally have Covid-19 vaccines. But will people take them?

BETHLEHEM, WEST BANK (NYTIMES) – Since the coronavirus first emerged in the occupied West Bank, Ms Suha Gadeon has worn her mask assiduously, avoided mingling with friends and declined to host family members or attend public gatherings. But Ms Gadeon, 41, the membership director at the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce, has refused to receive the […]

In Shift, Israel Quietly Allows Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

JERUSALEM — The Israeli government has long forbidden Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, a site sacred to Jews and Muslims, yet Rabbi Yehudah Glick made little effort to hide his prayers. In fact, he was livestreaming them. “Oh Lord!” prayed Rabbi Glick, as he filmed himself on his phone on a recent morning. […]