Monday, 18 Jan 2021


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NEF-GG 2020 Kicks Off Today! Here’s What You Should Know

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) kicked off the first-ever virtual edition of the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering (NEF-GG), Africa’s largest scientific gathering today, 8 December 2020. Organized against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, under the theme “Building Africa’s resilience through education, research and innovation”, the 3-day event running from 8-10 December 2020, will take place through the Airmeet video […]

Saving Senegal’s Forest and Empowering Women at the Same Time

Wood and charcoal burning account for 50% of Senegal’s household energy consumption, contributing to air pollution and deforestation. To reduce ecological damage, an association called Nebeday, which means “tree” in Wolof, the predominant local language in Senegal, hires villagers to produce an innovative energy alternative. Half of Senegal’s households rely on wood or wood charcoal. […]

African Business Leaders Call For Sustainable Response To The Covid-19 Pandemic At UN Global Compact Event

At Making Global Goals Local Business – Africa, improved labour conditions, human rights, water management, and gender equality took center stage Business and civil society executives from across Africa joined United Nations leaders at a virtual UN Global Compact gathering today to call for greater commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals in response to challenges […]

The Nollywood Movie Stirring Controversy

Even in Africa’s most vibrant cinematic market, Ife stands out. The tale of love between two Nigerian women is so controversial the filmmakers scrapped plans to release it locally. Producer Pamela Adie and director Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim said the aim of the film was to show an accurate picture of lesbian and bisexual women in Nigerian movies. […]

A Social Distancing Experiment in Joburg's Hotspots

Local artist and designer Baba Tjeko and art director, illustrator and designer Lauren Colin Mitchell (aka Curious Lauren) recently teamed up with Stella Artois to create “Wet Paint”, an art installation-cum-social experiment that aims to prove that social distancing needn’t be anti-social. As part of the experiment, eight locally-made benches by Pedersen+Lennard have been placed […]

How to Create a Sustainable Fuelwood Supply in Africa

In Zimbabwe, fuelwood provides 61% of the total energy supply required. It’s estimated that six million tonnes of fuelwood are consumed every year. So far government and development agencies have focused on the physical availability of fuelwood in their approach to energy and conservation. Based on this approach, diagnoses of problems and the designs for […]

SAP Becomes The Perfect Medicine For Kiara Health’s Complexities And Cost Challenges

Companies wishing to transform their operations through digital technologies often face a hard choice: stay with a legacy system and make the best of a legacy investment, or transition to a new digital platform but risk causing disruption in the lives of customers, partners and employees. For one African pharmaceutical company, neither option was suitable, […]

South African Metro Goes Under Lockdown

For the first time SA will have a localised lockdown, with the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro in the Eastern Cape facing tougher restrictions than the rest of the country from Thursday midnight. President Cyril Ramaphosa in an address to the nation on Thursday also announced the extension of the state of disaster until January 15. […]