Thursday, 23 Jan 2020


How safe is Kenya’s staple food?

Several well-known brands of maize flour have been taken off supermarket shelves in Kenya, after a warning about unsafe levels of a poisonous substance known as aflatoxin. This has led to widespread concern, as maize is the country’s main staple. The flour is used to prepare ugali, a cooked starchy paste the key ingredients of […]

Growth of contraceptive use highest in African countries: Report

NAIROBI (AFP) – The number of women and girls in poor countries embracing modern contraception has leapt by tens of millions with Africa recording the biggest gains, the organisation Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) said Monday (Nov 11). A new report shows that 314 million women and girls in 69 countries – out of 926 million […]

Nigeria urged to ban chaining people with mental health issues

Human Rights Watch calls on government to probe mental health centres as it documents abuse in various facilities. An international rights group has called the Nigerian government to ban chaining as it condemned the “terrible” abuse faced by thousands of people with mental health conditions across the country. Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a […]

Why counting people is so controversial

Kenya’s population census figures have been released, causing controversy among some groups who feel the results are not fair or accurate. It found that the total population of the country is now 47.6 million, nine million more than in 2009. But some regions have experienced a decrease in population. These outcomes can be hugely controversial […]

Tunisia’s #MeToo Started Outside a High School. Will It End in Court?

TUNIS — The imbalance of power seemed unmistakable. On one side, a prominent politician, freshly elected to Parliament. On the other, a 19-year-old student who accused him of sexually harassing her outside her high school. The student’s accusation — initially posted, with photographic evidence, to a private Facebook group — prompted not just shock and […]

Ex-Congolese rebel chief Bosco Ntaganda to appeal ICC jail term

ICC decision ‘contains many errors’, lawyers say, after former rebel leader sentenced to 30 years over war crimes. Former Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda will appeal a 30-year jail term handed by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, his lawyers have said, adding that their client was “at peace” […]

Ethiopia's Abiy says protests' death toll rises to 86

After spate of violence, prime minister calls on Ethiopians to resist ‘forces’ threatening to impede progress. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has said the death toll from protests last month stood at 86, calling on citizens to resist “forces” threatening to impede progress in the country Rallies against Abiy, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate, […]

Pirates kidnap nine sailors from Norwegian ship

Pirates have kidnapped nine crew members from a Norwegian shipping vessel off the coast of Benin in West Africa. The vessel was carrying gypsum, a mineral used as a fertiliser, and was at anchor, owner J.J. Ugland said. The Gulf of Guinea is world’s most dangerous piracy hotspot, says the International Maritime Bureau (IMB). Some […]