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Jail for man who laughed after slashing victim's face and ran away

SINGAPORE – A man used a knife to slash his victim’s face, causing a possible permanent disfiguration, before he laughed and ran away.

The attacker, Wong Kian Hong, also told Mr Eric Poh, 31, to look at his own face after the assault on Oct 3 last year

He was caught in a police raid five days later and his urine sample was found to contain traces of methamphetamine or “Ice”.

He was out on bail when he was found to be in possession of the same drug last December.

The 22-year-old unemployed Singaporean was sentenced on Thursday (Aug 27) to two years and a month’s jail after pleading guilty to one count each of committing assault with a weapon as well as Ice consumption and possession.

On Oct 3 last year, Wong went to licensed moneylender Power Credit Enterprise’s office in Tras Link near Tanjong Pagar Road as he wanted to apply for a loan of $1,000.

Mr Poh, who was a manager there, told him that his application would not be accepted as he had only one month’s worth of Central Provident Fund contribution records.

Wong was then asked to re-apply when he had more supporting documents.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kang Jia Hui said: “Angered by the victim’s rejection of the loan application, the accused tore up the application form and asked the victim to head outside for a discussion.”

As Mr Poh did not want a commotion in the office, he agreed to step outside with Wong to discuss the matter at about 4.10pm, said the DPP.

A dispute broke out between the two men, and Wong slashed Mr Poh’s face with a knife before running away.

Mr Poh was later treated at the Singapore General Hospital and a medical report stated that he would possibly have a “permanent disfiguration of the face” but the extent of it depended on the wound’s healing.

The court heard that he did not attend follow-up appointments and the wound’s current condition is unknown.

Wong was in a room at the Yotel Singapore hotel in Orchard Road on Oct 8 last year when police arrested him in a raid.

His urine sample was found to contain traces of Ice.

He was out on bail on Dec 14 last year when he was found to have the same drug in his possession in a room at Furama City Centre hotel in Eu Tong Sen Street near Chinatown.

Wong was represented by lawyers Josephus Tan and Cory Wong from Invictus Law Corporation.

They stated in their mitigation plea that their client is remorseful.

They also said that Wong is “relatively youthful and… still has a long way ahead of him once he is released.”

For committing assault with a weapon, an offender can be jailed for up to seven years and fined or caned.

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