Monday, 28 Sep 2020

Hong Kong protesters stage demonstration inside shopping mall

HONG KONG (BLOOMBERG) – Pro-democracy demonstrators gathered at a shopping mall in Hong Kong on Sunday (Aug 30) to chant slogans ahead of the one-year anniversary of a violent confrontation with police at a subway train station.

Police officers arrived shortly after “dozens” of people gathered at the mall in the city’s Mong Kok district, Radio Television Hong Kong reported.

The police said it was an unauthorised assembly, saying in a statement that they would make “resolute enforcement actions” and members of the crowd could face arrest.

Some people were searched by officers and at least 11 people were given penalty tickets for breaching rules prohibiting gatherings of more than two people during the Covid-19 outbreak, RTHK reported.

Calls had earlier circulated online for a march to mark the one-year anniversary of the police storming of Prince Edward MTR station during last year’s pro-democracy protests, RTHK added.

However, no demonstration appeared to have materialised by early in the evening on Sunday.

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