Thursday, 1 Oct 2020

Fire rips through attorney-general's office in Indonesia capital

JAKARTA (AFP) – A fire engulfed the office of Indonesia’s attorney-general on Saturday (Aug 22) evening in downtown Jakarta.

There were no immediate reports of casualties and officials did not say what might have caused the blaze, which spread quickly through the six-storey building.

Images showed firefighters dumping water on the raging blaze, which appeared to consume most of the building, with more than 100 personnel taking part in the effort, according to local media.

The fire broke out shortly after 7pm local time (8pm Singapore time).

“It started on the sixth floor,” Hari Setiyono, a spokesman for the attorney-general’s office, told reporters.

“There are no casualties so far.”

The office had been closed since public holidays started on Thursday, he added.

“There was no activity at the building when the fire struck,” Setiyono said.

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