Wednesday, 27 Jan 2021

Asian Insider Podcast: Indonesia's 'gado-gado' Cabinet – the recipe for success?

Asian Insider Ep 9: Gado-Gado, the recipe for success?

14 mins

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Amid greater expectations from Indonesians of a better future, newly re-elected President Joko Widodo announced what some experts call a ‘gado gado’ Cabinet for its interesting mix of people. Will President Jokowi’s team of technocrats and politicians spur Indonesia to greater heights?

The Straits Times US bureau chief Nirmal Ghosh was keen to find out, as he discussed the pressing issues with regional correspondent Arlina Arshad and Dr Djayadi Hanan from Paramadina University.

Produced by: Nirmal Ghosh & Zia-ul Raushan

Edited by: Zia-ul Raushan

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