Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021

Opinion | A Conspiracy to Steal the Election, Aided by 80 Million Voters

To the Editor:

It looks as if Rudy Giuliani was on to something. There is now a growing body of evidence of a vast conspiracy to steal the election from President Trump. Officials at the Department of Homeland Security have confirmed that more than 80 million people conspired to steal the election by voting for Joe Biden.

An F.B.I. investigation has determined that planning for the conspiracy began nearly two years ago, and was organized by people at the highest levels inside the Democratic Party, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar and, of course, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. The F.B.I. has video footage of large public recruitment events where these shameless leaders openly asked people to vote for them.

Even worse, these diabolical co-conspirators recruited over 73 million people to vote for President Trump, just to create the appearance of a free and fair election. And then — the coup de grâce — they had the audacity to enlist hundreds of election officials from all over the country, including many unwitting Republicans, to count all of the votes.

A conspiracy on this scale is unprecedented in the history of our country.

Larry Hohm

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