Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021

Woman says Lamborghini crashed into her but CCTV shows it was other way round

This is the moment an angry driver who slammed into the back of an expensive white Lamborghini tried to put the blame on the luxury car’s owner.

But little did she know, the crash was caught on CCTV.

Matt Heller, from Tampa in Florida, said he was rear-ended by a woman driving a black Audi while behind the wheel of his Lamborghini Aventador, which can retail for about £400,000.

CCTV footage of the collision shows Mr Heller’s sports car coming to a stop in traffic.

Moments later, an Audi turns through an intersection and collides with the back of his car.

In footage from Mr Heller’s mobile, he records the unidentified female driver walking over to his car and knocking on his window after the crash.

She shouts: ‘You did that to the front of my f***ing car… that is my new f***ing car!’

Mr Heller, who seemed both confused and amused at her reaction, chuckles and she asks: ‘What’s funny?’

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He then says: ‘Usually when you rear-end people – that’s not how this works.

‘It’s okay though. I’m going to call the cops real quick but you’re saying I hit you from behind?’

The angry outburst at a Mobil gas station in the city was also uploaded to TikTok.

The woman then says Mr Heller hit the front of her car, claiming he pulled in front of her at a red light.

The clip cuts to her growing more agitated and hurling expletives while a man tries to move her away from the scene.

A picture at the end of the video shows the back bumper of the Lamborghini almost hanging off.

But the saga subsequently took another twist when Tiktok user @maddygilsoul1, who claims to be the Audi driver, then posted her own video and claimed Heller had earlier side-swiped her at traffic lights. 

The clip focuses on the rear end of the car covered with scratches with a text overlay that reads: ‘Hit me from the front side swapped me like I was at the red light… guess he didn’t want to tell the whole story.

Her clip also shows the Lamborghini with what appears to be black scratch marks on its side. 

More footage taken from CCTV cameras – which is initially played in reverse – then shows the Lamborghini seemingly overtake the woman’s car at a traffic light before driving very close to a cyclist who was crossing the road. 

Maddy claims: ‘Matt Heller went into oncoming traffic at a red light because I didn’t turn left on yellow.’  

It is still unclear what the outcome of the crash is.

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