Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020

Trump wanted 'to rip open Superman t-shirt after leaving hospital'

Donald Trump reportedly planned to rip open his shirt and unveil a Superman t-shirt following his coronavirus hospital stay in a bizarre show of strength.

The US president is said to have made several calls to colleagues last week while being treated at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center about his plans to shock fans.

He suggested that he appear frail in front of supporters and the media when leaving hospital, before ripping open his buttoned shirt and revealing the blue Superman t-shirt ‘as a symbol of strength’, according to the New York Times.

Trump did not go through with the stunt but instead appeared on the balcony of the White House on Monday and defiantely removed his mask as he posed for the cameras.

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He tweeted shortly beforehand that he was ‘feeling great’ and claimed Covid-19 is ‘just like flu’, prompting Twitter to censor his tweets for ‘spreading misleading’ information.

According to the paper, Trump had been urging his advisers to let him continue with his presidential campaign and press ahead with a rally outside the White House on Saturday.

He wanted to show he was not as unwell as reports had suggested, which said he required oxygen treatment as well as drugs such as dexamethasone – usually only given to patients who are seriously unwell with the virus.

Trump denied he needed oxygen and claimed Regeneron’s experimental antibody treatment ‘cured’ him of the virus and promised to make it free for all Americans. Medics have said it is too early in the drug’s trial period to say if it can treat coronavirus.

The president’s doctor said he is no longer at risk of spreading the virus and can safely stop isolating.

But the White House has still not released the results of the president’s last Covid-19 test and has declined to say when he last tested negative.

A spokeswoman said Trump would be tested and would not go out in public if it was determined he could still spread the virus.

But he refused to say ahead of his White House rally yesterday if he would be re-tested.

He delivered a speech from his balcony and was not expected to mingle with groups.

Trump also plans to attend a rally on Monday evening at an airport hanger in Sanford, near Orlando, Florida.

Having only tested positive along with wife Melania on Thursday last week, Trump’s return to the Oval Office this week went against guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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