Monday, 28 Sep 2020

Student goes to packed party then screeches: 'Yes I f**king have Covid!'

A student has sparked fury after she was filmed screeching ‘Yes I fucking have Covid!’ at a packed house party. The Texas Tech student, whose name appears to be Cady, beams into a camera at a party in Lubbock, Texas, and says: ‘Everyone’s like, “Cady, don’t you have Covid?”

‘”Like, don’t you literally have Covid?” Yes. I fucking have Covid. The whole fucking world has Covid.’ The camera then flips around to show dozens of students enjoying the party, with Cady heard saying: ‘All these students have Covid. So stop getting on my tits, stop getting on my tits.

‘Like, I’m having a good time.’ Cady then appeared to give the finger while holding a cup, and said: ‘Thank you!’ The shocking clip has been shared 9,000 times since it was first tweeted on September 5, with Texas Tech bosses announcing an investigation into its contents.

A university spokesman said Sunday: ‘We have received a report and are aware of a video related to Covid. The matter is being addressed by the Office of the Dean of Students and Student Conduct.’

It is still unclear whether the woman in the video is actually a student of Texas Tech, or whether she really tested positive for coronavirus. Several students from the college who viewed the video claimed to have recognized several of their classmates at the party.

Texas Tech said Wednesday that it has 612 coronavirus cases, 571 of whom are students.

The university, which is attended by more than 36,500 students, says it is preparing to make ‘significant adjustments’ to its schedules, but says it is doing everything possible to keep in-person classes going.

Texas has seen 675,000 coronavirus cases, and close to 14,000 deaths. Meanwhile, the United States as a whole now has more than 6.3million cases, and 190,000 deaths.

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