Saturday, 26 Nov 2022

Saskatoon’s Bridge City Bicycle Co-op giving away free kids’ bikes for Christmas

Bridge City Bicycle Co-op knows it’s good to receive and even better to give so the group is accepting donations of used bikes and giving away free kids’ bikes for the holidays.

“We know that Christmas is coming so we are doing a kids’ bike giveaway. [We are looking for] anyone who is interested in coming and wanting to give the gift of bikes this season. We have a selection of kids bikes, and they are all free and in working condition,” said Stan Yu, co-chair of Bridge City Bicycle Co-op.

Bridge City Bicycle Co-op is a volunteer-based group that helps to educate anyone who is in need of bike repair.

The volunteers will help you fix up your bike from start to finish.

“When people come in, it’s those folks who don’t know anything about a bike and so we help them actually fix their own bikes, and they leave here so empowered and so amazed at what they have learned,” volunteer Jay Wilson said.

“And for the people that can’t afford to go to a high-end shop, we have some really fantastic deals here.”

The group is in need of a continuous supply of bikes as well as other components to keep the business running.

“We take donations of bikes, we take donations of parts and we take donations of muffins and fruit and all kinds of things to keep us going,” Wilson said.

“Not only are we providing bikes, but we are providing a place for the community to come and gather and learn skills.”

By selling adult bikes and focusing on winter bikes, the co-op hopes to get more cyclists out in Saskatoon during the winter.

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