Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Raymond Care Centre now under new ownership

After a lengthy fight to stop Alberta Health Services from tearing down the Raymond Care Centre, the facility is now being given new life under different ownership.

Brian Vandenberg purchased the building, constructed in 1919, from AHS about a month ago and says there are several options when it comes to finding a new purpose for the building.

He believes a recovery facility for AHS would be a good fit.

“We really believe the best user for it (the building) is AHS,” Vandenberg said.

“We’re going to very much offer that to AHS. If others find a higher use for it, they can use it.”

In his efforts to restore the building, Vandenberg has enlisted the services of a 20-year-old University of Lethbridge student.

Lorenzo Bachman-Conrad joined the committee to save the building in 2017 and has a personal connection to it.

“I had family that worked here, family that stayed here, so I watched it (the building) kind of deteriorate through time,” Bachman-Conrad said.

The young man says he’s now part of its rejuvenation, as he works to market the building for potential lease, rent or resale.

Bachman-Conrad’s also helping with the work inside, even doing late-night walk-throughs to ensure nothing is stolen.

“I just want to see this thing saved, and to be a part of that is super cool,” he said.

Vandenberg says he and his team are about 70 per cent through their cleanup efforts and are working towards getting power to the building restored.

If he receives an offer, Vandenberg believes he could have the building ready in three to five months.

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