Thursday, 29 Jul 2021

Philadelphia mayor tells Trump to 'put his big boy pants on' and accept election

Philadelphia’s mayor has told Donald Trump to’put his big boy pants on’ and deal with his seemingly insurmountable election defeat.

Mayor Jim Kenney spoke to reporters on Friday in his city about Trump’s insistence on claiming he won the election.

‘What the president needs to do, frankly, is put his big boy pants on,’ Kenney said. ‘He needs to acknowledge that he lost. And he needs to congratulate the winner.’

Trump alleged that he has won Pennsylvania and has sued there, as well as other states like Michigan, Georgia and Nevada.

Biden is currently winning in Pennsylvania, while votes are still be counted in the state. One approved forecaster – Decision Desk HQ – has called the state for Biden, and named him President-elect of the United States, although other forecasters say it is still too early to do so.

Kenney made sure to call out Trump’s claims, and made sure to dispute any of the election fraud being questioned.

‘While some, including the president, continue to spew baseless claims of fraud – claims for which his team has not produced one iota of evidence – what we have seen here in Philadelphia is democracy, pure and simple,’ Kenney said.

Biden has 264 electoral college votes, while Trump has 214. In order to be elected as president, a candidate must have get 270 electoral college votes.

In Pennsylvania, Biden has 49.5% of the vote, while Trump has 49.3% of the vote. Whoever wins the state gets 20 electoral college votes, which would instantly push Biden over the line to victory.

Trump was winning Pennsylvania at one point, but after mail-in ballots were counted, Biden began to take the lead.

It is not clear when the election will be called, but if Biden wins, Trump will still be in the White House until January 2021.

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