Monday, 10 May 2021

Outrage after drivers allowed to register 3REICH and 'Fuhrer' license plates

A driver sparked revulsion after they were spotted behind the wheel of a Hummer with a license plate saying 3Reich. The mystery driver was seen driving the car with the pro-Hitler message in Anchorage, Alaska, last week.

Alaska’s Department of Motor Vehicles faced further fury when it emerged they’d previously green-lighted a plate saying ‘Fuhrer’ – a reference to Adolf Hitler’s official title.

The 3Reich plate was seen by local journalist Matt Tunseth, who shared a photo on Twitter. He wrote: ‘I hate Alaska Nazis. Not a subtle message being sent here.’

News of the Neo Nazi plates prompted local Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tsibaka – who oversees Alaska’s Department of Motor Vehicles – to order a review into how they were issued.

And the plates also triggered a local politican scandal, when Jamie Allard, a member of Alaska’s Human Rights Commission, initially tried to dismiss claims the plates were offensive.

She claimed anger over them was a result of ‘progressive spin’ aimed at banning free speech.

Allard has since been removed from the commission, after insisting that she is committed to anti-racist policies.

A spokesman for Tsibaka, Kelly Hanke, has since revealed that both the Fuhrer and 3Reich plates were recalled after it was realized they were offensive.

The drivers of both cars were issued with an alternative license plate, and face a fine if they are caught driving around with the banned plates still attached.

All US states have stringent rules aimed at preventing offensive license plates from being issued, and can re-call controversial letter or number combinations that still manage to slip through.

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