Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020

'Married dad raped wife's lesbian friend while saying he wanted to fix the gay

A married dad violently raped his wife’s lesbian friend while telling his victim he was going to ‘fix the gay,’ police claim. Adam Quinn Atwood, 35, was freed last week ahead of his trial despite facing multiple serious sex charges.

Atwood, from Salt Lake City in Utah, is said to have attacked the woman in his basement March after she paid a visit to his wife, despite her telling him she was ‘not into guys.’ His wife and children were home at the time of the attack, it is claimed.

The alleged victim told police that Atwood was drunk when she arrived at his home, and that he began making advances towards her after his wife – her friend – went out for a while.

Atwood is said to have convinced his wife’s gay friend to walk to a convenience store with him to buy beer, and is then accused of fondling the woman after they returned – only for her to say ‘No.’

A probable cause statement said: ‘She told the suspect to stop and no and he asked her if she was sure she didn’t like it and if she was sure she was gay.’ The woman told police that she tried to leave – only for Atwood to allegedly grab her by the back of her neck, and drag her back into his house.

Atwood is then said to have shoved the woman down into a basement and put his arm around his neck to choke her, with the woman telling police she may have blacked out.

He began raping her, it is alleged, despite the woman telling him ‘she didn’t like guys.’ Atwood is said to have responded that ‘he was going to fix the gay.’

The alleged sex attack is said to have resumed after Atwood threw the woman up against a wall, despite her reminding him that his wife and children were upstairs.

ABC4 reported that the woman was finally able to flee after grabbing Atwood by his genitals. Atwood is said to have raced after the woman, who locked herself in her car before he could catch up with her.

He reportedly shouted ‘You better not tell anyone,’ as she fled. The woman called police straight away, and underwent a medical examination.

On being arrested, Atwood told police he ‘did not rape anyone,’ – then requested a lawyer.

The conditions of Atwood’s release have not been shared, although prosecutors had earlier urged for him to be made to wear a GPS monitor and be barred from contacting the victim should be be granted bail.

Atwood, who faces charges of rape, object rape, aggravated kidnapping and sodomy is due back in court on November 2.

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