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Jury at Brydon Whitstone inquest offer 1 recommendation

A week-long inquest into the death of Brydon Whitstone, 22, has concluded with the six-person jury making one recommendation to RCMP.

Whitstone was shot and killed following a brief police pursuit in North Battleford, Sask., Oct. 21, 2017.


Inquest into police shooting death of Brydon Whitstone starts in Battleford

The jury suggested police use a Tazer gun or other intervention to immobilize or stun the suspect prior to the use of a gun. The coroner’s jury makes recommendations to prevent similar deaths.

The Saskatchewan RCMP issued a statement Dec. 7 saying they will examine the recommendation.

“The RCMP will examine the recommendation coming out of the coroner’s inquest and provide a response to the chief coroner,” read the statement.

“Our written response to the recommendation will then become part of the public record available on the Saskatchewan coroner’s service website.”

The other purpose of the inquest was to determine the medical cause and manner of Whitstone’s death.

At the conclusion of the inquest, the jury found Whitstone, of Onion Lake, Sask., died of a gunshot wound, but couldn’t determine by what means.

The jury chose “undetermined” over accident, homicide, natural, or suicide.

The RCMP officer who shot Whitstone twice in the chest said he believed Whitstone was reaching for a gun and that’s why he pulled the trigger.

No gun was ever found in Whitstone’s car, but 13 bullets were found in his clothing and another live round was later found in his stomach which he ingested, court heard on Dec. 3.

RCMP received a report earlier that same evening about a man claiming to be shot at and chased by four people in a white four-door car. The car Whitstone was driving matched the description of the car, initiating the pursuit.

No criminal charges were laid following an independent external investigation by Regina Police Service.

This inquest was conducted Dec. 3 to 7 at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Battleford.

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